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How to Drastically Improve Your Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is imperative in gaining/retaining customers, which ultimately increases revenue and brand reputation.

To gain a competitive advantage you consistently need to find and implement effective customer service practices. With the technological revolution, one of the most powerful contributors to customer services is the use of chatbots.

With the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, it’s possible to turn over part of your online customer service to chatbots. These bots can interact with your customers, instantly answer questions, make special announcements, and even sell your products or services directly to your client’s inbox. 

Before you try to build a chatbot, it’s important to understand your needs and the needs of your audience. 

Start with where your audience goes in order to get information about your product or service. Facebook? Your app? Wherever it is your audience goes this will be where your chatbot will be most effective.

Next, you need to understand the demographics. Are you aware of general characteristics such as age, socioeconomic situation, location to name a few? Any information that can help you better understand your audience should be considered when building your chatbot.

You want your chatbot to be able to interact naturally with your customers. Once you understand your audience, your chatbots are more likely to interact naturally, and your customers will feel understood and appreciated.

While AI can learn and adjust, it’s not perfect all the time. You might need to tweak your chatbot as you see fit so you need to constantly manage and update your chatbot code and script.  Keep gathering more information on your customers to improve your chatbot’s capabilities.

Chatbots won’t completely eliminate the need for humans though. They can take some of the burdens off your customer service representatives, and boost efficiency. It’s a way to make things a little easier on you and your staff, save money, and take care of customers quickly and efficiently.

In the age of instant gratification, you run a high risk of losing potential customers if they reach out and wait longer than an hour to receive a response. It’s always best practice to give your customers an instant response,  the sense of urgency makes them feel more valued. 

If you need a hand to improve your customer experience then let us know. At The Agency we have a team of copywriters and engagement experts to best help you build and script your chatbot. You might also want to know how to instantly increase your productivity.