infographic for strategy in design thinking

Design Thinking: The best way to start your business

We’ve been seeing it in the innovative fortune 500 companies. Apple, Google, and Tesla to name a few, have it at their core. It’s Design Thinking: The most foolproof way to take a concept from idea to successful business.

The Design Thinking process is a customer-centric approach to drive innovation. Design Thinking is the notion through which people, ideas, concepts, and also products are improved by innovating, reinventing, testing, and readjusting. 

To have a relevant and future-proofed business, you need to solve a “problem” for your customers. The aim is to create an outstanding and completely new experience of what and how your ideas will be received and consumed.


A design thinking mindset is a very effective solution, especially for start-ups developing the right business model for their company. This works similarly for every other business that wants to innovate its obsolete structures, and really understanding its customers.

A multi-disciplinary team, as we have at The Agency, is a big advantage for situational analysis and observation. This helps effectively get through the design thinking process. 

How does design thinking work?

You need to analyze your customer’s background, to get more in touch with their beliefs and desires. This is the empathy phase where you’ll start to understand the way your customer thinks and ultimately what their problems are.

To provide excellent solutions, you have to find the right problem. Once you’ve framed the problem in a way that attracts creative solutions, you able to effectively collect ideas, and create feasible prototypes.

After a viable prototype is realized, the testing phase begins. In this context, testing means failing efficiently. Only throughout failure, the prototype can be readjusted and developed to its best version. 

Where to start?

It might sound easier said than done but at The Agency we have your design thinking covered. Let us know the goals you have for your business and we can take it from there.

If we lost you in the detail, check out Elon Musk’s 10 secrets to success, he gives us a more holistic approach to being an entrepreneur.