Richard Branson Gives The Agency Advice

Advice for Entrepreneurs from Richard Branson

Billionaire Richard Branson shared his best pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and we had no choice but to oblige.

Branson himself dropped out of school at 16 to launch his first venture, Student magazine. He is uniquely qualified to give ample advice if you’re keen to start your business or side hustle.

“Start small but think big”

“Many of Virgin’s businesses have started off as side projects which have grown into big companies. Always be thinking about what could come next, how you could expand, how you could take your idea global. It will take time but if you’re focused it’s more likely to happen.”

“Always look for opportunities”

 “Don’t be afraid to get out there and meet like-minded people. Always say yes to opportunities and learn what you need to do to make the most of them as you go along – I’ve constantly asked for help throughout my life.”

“Do what you love – I can’t stress this one enough”

“You’ll spend a lot of your life working but if you’re doing something that interests you and you’re passionate about then you’ll keep going even when it gets hard (and it will get tough). Think about your talents, what subjects and causes interest you the most, what problems you’d like to solve.”

The key takeout, ultimately, is knowing yourself and the problem you’re going to solve. As part of our concept development services, we do a design thinking workshop with our clients. This helps us better understand them and also helps them better map out their goals. 

Start small, seize every opportunity, and be driven by passion. With Branson’s advice, check out why design thinking is the best way to start your business.

These points might seem small in comparison to your giant entrepreneurial goals, but dynamite comes in small packages!