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Invest in vetted Startups you believe in.

Access investment opportunities that we’re working with, validating, and investing in too.

how does it work

Connect allows anyone to invest in vetted startups.

Free for investors

Our platform is investor-friendly by design. No hidden fees or complicated T’s & C’s.


Industry- low minimums. Starting as low as R100 helps you build a more diversified portfolio.


Like you, The Agency is investing in the success of all startups listed on the platform.

How to start

It’s super easy to start investing.


Pick a startup you like.

Review the company pitch, terms, and decide whether you believe they will succeed.


Invest as much as you like.

Plan to diversify, which means investing smaller amounts into several companies.

Your co-investor

Wait to see if the startup succeeds.

If the startup does well, your investment can bring a return.