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Multiplying your cash is easier than you think

If you want your cash to grow, consider investing in startups. Tesla started in 2003 and now makes a revenue of  R472.09 billion. WhatsApp started in 2009, its founders sold for R326.37 billion in 2014. TikTok started in 2016 and its 36-year old founder, Zhang Yiming, is now worth over R414.71 billion, making him the Read more about Multiplying your cash is easier than you think[…]

Becoming Warren Buffett

Investment Advice from Warren Buffett

One of the easiest ways to make an avoidable mistake is getting involved in investments that are overly complex. “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” Warren Buffett There are too many opportunities out there to get hung up on studying a company or industry that is just not your strong suit. That is Read more about Investment Advice from Warren Buffett[…]